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Halloween Reccomendations  

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It is the season for spooky/scary BL does anyone have any reccomendations?


The Black Mirror on Tappytoon has been mysterious and spooky till now, butits starting to show what is really going on now of all times. It's so strange to have been reading a slow, weekly build up that right at Halloween is finally unveiling it's dark side.


The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window over at Sublime I always end up reading every year. It's been so many years now I don't know what my Halloween are going to be like now it's coming into its last few volumes. I love my supernatural stories and I like the BL isn't heavy.


Killing Stalking at Lezhin I've made my pet project for the month. As I said in the series thread, I've only read to the end of season one even thought I brought it all in the summer sale. I'm going to be brave enough to finish the series that is so messed up on so many levels.

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Posted : 10/10/2020 9:20 am
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Tricornered Window is usually my go-to rec for bl horror since I'm a bit of a wimp with horror and it's light enough to not be too scary.

Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart would be great for a Halloween read too since it's jammed with both supernatural and human horrors - maybe I should pick that one back up again later this month.

And it's a visual novel, but Sweet Pool is so creepy. I keep picking it back up to play through different routes at night and I always regret it if I don't have a bunch of lights on.

Posted : 10/10/2020 4:10 pm
ローラ (Laura)
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I'm a scaredy cat, so anything too scary has me sleeping with the lights on for a month... That said, I've gotta agree, Tricornered Window is my go to bl horror series. I'm gonna reread it after I finish what I'm currently reading! I also picked up The Black Mirror recently and have been enjoying it.

I just started Fate Makes No Mistakes on Lezhin, and it has an appropriate mood I think, since it's all about the supernatural and mundane colliding. I haven't gotten too far yet, but I like what I have read, and the art is fantastic.

I can't think of any other topical manga that's been translated... I can think of maybe one or two that haven't been translated yet. 😐 Maybe something will come to me later.

Oh, I should really play Sweet Pool, because I have it but haven't gotten around to it and 'tis the season! 🎃

Posted : 12/10/2020 3:49 pm
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These are a couple of futekiya ones that I can think of right now. I'll be digging through my Lezhin cause I remember some that might be on target (Killing Stalking aside).

Kiss My Blood-

Tetsu is just an average teacher looking out for his childhood best friend, Shima, who is actually a vampire. To an outsider, they are merely teacher and student. Since Shima is a vampire, he has to drink blood to appease his hunger. Usually, small animals such as cats and pigeons suffice, but Shima's feelings of love and jealousy make him crave for Tetsu's blood. The latter readily gives his blood and makes Shima promise to drink blood only from him. Things get more complicated as Shima's vampire instincts get stronger.

Scapegoat Baby-

Aoi greets his regular customer Amamiya at the flower shop where he works, but for some reason today, the pale, handsome Amamiya seems extremely unwell, as if he were feeling anemic. When Amamiya smells a giant bouquet of roses, he seems to feel slightly better, but it isn’t nearly enough. Aoi accompanies him home to make sure he arrives safely, but things for Amamiya may be direr than Aoi realizes. To save Amamiya’s life in this moment of danger, Aoi realizes he may need to supply something much more intimate than flowers!

Looking at these both, I guess they are just vampire stories 🤣 Vampires are halloween right?

Posted : 12/10/2020 4:32 pm
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If you're into comedic horror (lol) I recommend Possessed by a Ghost (Una Donburi) and Ghost of After School (Nayuta Nago) 😅

Posted : 17/10/2020 1:39 am