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Suggestions to make Ouendan Blue better?

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If you have any suggestions on how we can make Ouendan Blue better, either development wise or forum (community building?) wise, this is where you can tell us.

There's still a lot that could be improved upon...and some things might not be possible due to time and budget (there isn't actually any budget, the server and domain costs are passion-paid for by one member of Ouendan BLue), but we will try to keep this going!

Our hopes is that this can be a helpful and nice place for fans. So don't be afraid to reach out to us if you have suggestions.

Posted : 24/04/2020 9:28 am
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I hope this is the correct place to post this, since it's a suggestion. It's trivial but what would everyone think about changing the wording 'customer' that appears on the title pages next to reviews? We are technically customers xD But maybe rewording '1 customer review' as '1 member/reader review' or just leave it as '1 review'? Or was there a reason behind it?

Posted : 17/06/2021 7:44 pm
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@allthefujoshiunite I'll try to see if I can fix that! There isn't a deep reason behind it. When my friend and I first set things up, this was just how it ended up happening. I am not the best at set up sometimes and I want to look it up a little bit more so I don't mess anything up. (This is the right place to post! Thank you for messaging about it!)

Posted : 17/06/2021 10:46 pm
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Adding a update here. I am sorry things have been at a stand still a little. A few things have been on in my family life and I am hoping this weekend to take sometime to add in new updates, fixes, and start the blog section of the website.

Hoping everyone else has been doing okay!

Posted : 09/07/2021 1:03 am
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That's okay. I hope you and your family are feeling better.

Posted : 22/07/2021 11:59 am
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@middlechild274 Thank you so much (Cries)!! I had to take a longer than expected hiatus but I will be back now to make Ouedan Blue more functional. I am sorry things have been so silent. 

Posted : 28/07/2021 2:48 am