A Couple of Handsome Men by Amberay, Xinghai

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Sparks fly when the optimistic and righteous athlete, Yunjuan Luo meets the haughty and spoiled star, Aoyue . Once a popular child star, Aoyue’s popularity is threatened when his viewers start getting bored of him. In order to save their money-making machine, his talent agency decides to get Aoyue to form a boy-band whose sole purpose is to boost his popularity. Desperate to earn money for his sister’s surgery, Yunjuan signs a contract with the same talent agency and ends up as a member of Aoyue’s boy-band. Watch what happens when two handsome boys collide!

CreatorAmberay, Xinghai
Chinese Title男神是一对
Chinese Publisheru17
English PublisherTapas

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1 review for A Couple of Handsome Men by Amberay, Xinghai

  1. Phya

    Looking at the key art you wouldn’t expect this to be a idol drama that isn’t that dark or deep would you?
    This series is a bit like watching a soap opera. Its story isn’t that great, it’s all about its wide cast of characters, things feel rushed, but you can’t stop reading and you’re not sure why. Its definatly a guilty pleasure because there are soooo many issues but I couldn’t put it down. This is a 200 chapter beast so it’s not something you can do by accident either. You make a concious effort to come back.
    For the plot, you name it and it has most probably happened. Kidnapping, mafia, land right fights, internal and external company fights, corporate blackmail, paparazzi, public smear campaigns and this is before we even really scratch the surface of the personal relationships any of the 5 band members have. That just opens a completely new, endless can of worms to the party. All the band members hit your normal stereotypes but thier personal romances are crazily varied from bromance to dangerous exs.
    Looking back at the start of the series, especially with the love/hate relationship between Aoyue and Yunjuan it’s strange to see how far its come. It’s almost as if the series finds its stride on what it wants to achieve at around the half way mark, even if it does fall short at the final hurdle. Thinking back to how cold and cruel Aoyue was feels almost like night and day. It’s very slow to progress and I remember thinking if I didn’t bulk buy, I most probably would have dropped it at around chapter 40. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I got to enjoy the ups and downs of the band members of IB.

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