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Blood Domination

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What is Blood Domination?

The controlling “Dom” and the dependent “Sub”–these are “the second genders” of the vampires.
When vampires of two different second-genders meet, they can establish a “bond contract”.

Located in a spacious land in a mountain recess is “Eclair Gymnasium Academy”, a school where young vampires experience youth. The academy teaches its students about “bond contract” and requires them to find someone to be their contract partner for a limited amount of time.

With the goal of sealing a “bond contract”, blood leads these students to their fated pairs…

・”Izayoi”, a delinquent who comes from a noble family and acts indifferent toward the idea of forming a contract.
・”Uzuki”, a vampire of an ordinary lineage

・”Takamine”, a broad-minded guy of an ordinary lineage
・”Chihaya”, a vampire with the attitude of a “queen”. He comes from a noble family who highly values pedigree.

◆Game System◆
“Blood Domination” is a visual-novel BL game. Players get to enjoy the scenarios through the usage of Scenario Ticket.

・Play the game for free!
Receive 5 Scenario Tickets every day for FREE!

・Determine the course of the boys’ love stories by choosing different options throughout the scenarios.
Deepen the bond that he has with his lover and enjoy beautiful CGs and exclusive scenarios.

・Pompous, sadistic, hot-and-cold, noble–these fascinating character traits and more await you!
Their interactions are at times intense and other times sweet. Enjoy the thrilling ride!

Don’t miss the mind-blowing CGs in this game, which takes place in the “Dom/Sub universe” where the nature of the characters’ relationships is that of control and dependency.


Abracadabra Inc.

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2 reviews for Blood Domination

  1. Yuzu ☆

    I’m writing this review after playing through all of the currently available five routes at least once.

    I believe this is that dom/sub verse stuff I have heard of but never seen before. It’s not omegaverse, but definitely takes some elements popular in that genre: the second gender and the social hierarchy that comes with it, special bonds formed between the different genders and so on. So if you like omegaverse, I’d say you’d enjoy this too, but even if you’re not a fan of the genre you might still find this entertaining.
    Not the story nor the characters are anything outstandingly special, but each route and the couple it focuses on differs from each other and the dynamics between the characters offer a lot of variety. We have childhood friends to lovers, tsunderes, possessive yandere-ish guys, big semes with small ukes and vice versa, a student/teacher relationship and so on. I also liked that the dom characters are not the tops in every relationship.
    The differences between the sweet and normal routes and endings are distinct enough that it feels worth playing through them both, especially if I like the couple.
    All in all, a simple yet entertaining BL mobile game and definitely one of the better ones I have played. 3.5/5 stars.

  2. guety

    I love this game so much it’s ridiculous. I’ve played all the app games released by otomedou/abracadabra, and Buradomi is by far my favorite.

    Best points:

    1)The setting: The story is set in a dom/sub verse, which is similar to omegaverse but with the second genders being dom and sub (and in this game, the characters are also vampires, although other from occasionally drinking blood from each other, it’s not really relevant). This kind of setting is becoming very popular in BL nowadays but this game (which came out almost 3 years ago) was the first time I saw it, and I found it really fun and original. Every few weeks or so they release special events that explore the bdsm/omegaverse dynamics such as heats, aphrodisiacs, sex toys, bondage, etc; so it really uses all the potential of the dom/sub setting. It does also have some refreshing takes on tropes, like how not all the doms are tops.

    2) The characters/couples: So far there are five routes, and I think there’s something for everyone. Izayoi/Uzuki is the classical big dominant seme with small bratty but submissive uke kind of couple. Takamine/Chihaya is a yandere/tsundere romance but with plot-twists along the way that make it quite fun. Gingetsu/Kasumi is a teacher/student relationship. Narumi/Mizuho has the childhood friends and miscommunication tropes. Kazuha/Yuugiri has the “popular fun guy who sleeps around” seme and a shy uke with a tragic past. So whatever your kind of couple is, you might find it here.
    The character development is quite good for an app game, since the characters do mature a bit along the story, so I really liked that.

    Not so good points:
    1) In technical terms, it’s far from outstanding as it doesn’t have soundtrack or voices and it lags a bit sometimes, but I think the story and characters are quite well done.

    2) Consent issues: This game uses some tropes that not everyone is comfortable with such as noncon or possessive semes to a point that’s kind of creepy. So if you only like the fluff, 100% consensual kind of BL, then maybe you won’t like this game. But if you don’t have issues with that kind of content, you’ll probably enjoy it.

    Overall, if you like omegaverse or you want an entrypoint to this new dom/sub verse, you’ll probably enjoy this game. It’s not a masterpiece or anything that will change your life, but it’s pretty fun and since it keeps releasing events from time to time, you can get a lot of entertainment even after finishing the main routes.

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