I Want Only You by KOIWAZURAI Shibito

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A collection of stories about pure hearts and lust. “Please Have Sex with Me”: Naruse’s grades and attendance are on a slippery slope downwards until Class President Harumi helps him out. Naruse has learned over and over again that nothing in life is free; everybody has an ulterior motive, even his own stepfather. So, what is Harumi’s true intention?… (Content Warning: This chapter contains a flashback scene between Naruse and his stepfather. Readers sensitive to scenes of molestation please be advised.) “What a Wonderful World”: The human species has evolved into the Omegaverse, and in it are two friends. Are they drawn to each other merely because they want to be friends? Or are there other powers at play? “A Midsummer Event”: Yoji didn’t hear his grandpa when he said not to open that box. What will become of timid and bullied Yoji when he does? “Honey Days”: Weak Yasuo has been saved countless times from bullies by his friend Mitsuteru. The two are as close as close can be, but will Mitsuteru be able to save Yasuo again before it’s too late? “The Demon is Outside, the Fortune is Inside”: Days get lonely when you live alone in the mountains. Shichifuku is used to it already. But that doesn’t mean he will turn away a man who appears at his doorstep, especially if he’s wounded…

CreatorKOIWAZURAI Shibito
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Ore to Sex shite kudasai
Japanese PublisherMediasoft
English Publisherfutekiya

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1 review for I Want Only You by KOIWAZURAI Shibito

  1. ローラ (Laura)

    My main complaint with this manga is I wanted more. It’s a series of short stories, and while some have a satisfying conclusion (mainly the first story), others feel like I’m only getting to read the first chapter of a 2 or 3 chapter long work. The artwork is nice, and while the tone tends towards more tragic, bitter themes, but it wasn’t overly sad.

    Since it’s on futekiya, if you have a subscription and the time to read it, go for it. I don’t regret reading it, it just isn’t one of my favorites.

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