Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by Ito Agata

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“I’m the only one who gets to see you so filthy, when you’re usually so serious.” Danno realizes he’s gay in junior high school and professes his love to his crush, but is deeply hurt by rejection. Still disgusted by himself in his second year of high school, he ends up falling for another guy that spring. He tries to keep from being found out and to stop his feelings developing any further by pushing away the object of his affections, first-year student Tsukasa. One day, Tsukasa finds Danno jerking off in the nurse’s office. “Does it turn you on? Being watched by your crush?” Tsukasa’s torturing and teasing makes Danno dizzy with pleasure, robbing him of coherent thought! Sweet discipline of a naughty, submissive second-year, who gets broken in by a mean, crafty, and younger straight boy.


CreatorIto Agata
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Boku wa Kimi no Iinari
Japanese PublisherSHU-CREAM POP
English PublisherWrapped Around Your Little Finger

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1 review for Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by Ito Agata

  1. midgeyu

    I bought this because the premise sounded D/s-ish, and it definitely delivered in that regard. It’s uncommon to find BL with a submissive character who’s actually submissive in a “I get turned on by this” sense rather than a weepy uke who looks he’s having the worst day of his life. Danno falls into the former category. The first volume is incredibly horny and explicit with the two leads essentially stumbling into a D/s relationship (though it’s never formalized as such.) The porn takes a backseat to the plot in the second volume, however, to my delight.

    There’s a strong emotional core running through the story, which is that Danno suffers from internalized homophobia due to society and a rejection in middle school. He feels lesser than and dirty compared to straight people, and one could infer that this is perhaps even where his humiliation kink developed. Over the course of vol 1 and 2, however, he begins to reconcile his feelings about himself, coming to terms with his sexuality and eventually valuing himself more.

    BL rarely touches on internalized homophobia in a meaningful way, so finding it portrayed with nuance in a super smutty series was a surprise.

    Tsukasa also has a really nice arc through the story. He’s “straight,” so at first Danno is basically a plaything to him. But Tsukasa comes to sincerely care for Danno and he realizes he wants to be in a real relationship with him. He struggles with how to convey his romantic feelings to Danno, partially because Danno is too insecure to accept that Tsukasa would be serious about him.

    If you’re looking for a D/s-ish BL, I think you’d find this one to be pretty steamy. If you’re looking for a BL with some honest-to-god psychological depth and realistic character arcs — and you don’t mind the humiliation kink aspects — I think you’d enjoy this a lot. It’s one of the most memorable BL I’ve encountered, and it really struck a cord with me as someone who also had to navigate feelings of insecurity due to being queer.

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