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During his third year in middle school, Yuya confesses to Ryo, a delinquent with a scary face. At first, Ryo doesn’t respond to the confession and they keep hanging out as friends. But, when Ryo finally asks Yuya still likes him in high school, these two finally start dating. So begins their love story that spans from middle school, high school, college, and adulthood! This volume also includes a short story about two men who start living together!

Japanese Titleしるされしアイ
Japanese Title (Romaji)Shirusare Ai
Japanese PublisherShodensha Publishing Co.
English Publisherfutekiya

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3 reviews for A Marked Love Match by

  1. MovingCastleofYaoi

    The cover scared me because I wondered if it was going to be something like Sneaky Red. (Folks worried that it is like Sneaky Red, it isn’t!)

    This is a surprisingly sweet story that follows the main couple throughout their relationship. There is a lot that is understated I think, but it really makes you focus on what the characters are thinking or who they are. It got a little fast paced towards the end before it switched to a two-shot about another (Adorable) couple, but other than that, I was really satisfied with the development of Yuya and Ryo’s relationship.

  2. Chris

    Look, give me a delinquent character and I’m happy. Give me one this well done and I’m in love.

    I wasn’t sure I’d like this, but it’s much closer in tone to Here, There, and Us than Sneaky Red. The characters are very sweet together, and it’s nice to see them planning their future lives and enjoying their youth. I only wish it had been a few chapters longer.

  3. Paul

    This might be Thanat’s most-well thought work, and one I can feel the mangaka’s satisfied with. I like how they incorporated unusual themes in their forte, such as versa characters, or the fear of being outed. I really hope Thanat makes more of these because they excel with realism more than the gangster stories they started at.

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