Butterfly of the Distant Day by Tooko Miyagi

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Gifted pianist Saki wants nothing more than to see his young cousin the talented Riya succeed as a professional musician. So why is a (handsome) face from Saki’s away from reality? Will this fragile butterfly finally learn to ride the winds of change with grace and maturity… or will he get swept away in reckless moment? “Butterfly of the Distant Day” proves that some special melodies take years to reach their sweet conclusion! When Saki meets a soft-spoken and stern young man at a summer retreat, he doesn’t know whether to face the brand-new feelings fluttering in his chest… or fly away to safety. How many years will it take before the truth sets Saki’s heart free?


CreatorTooko Miyagi
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Tooi Hi no Chou
Japanese PublisherTAIYOH TOSHO
English PublisherDigital Manga

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1 review for Butterfly of the Distant Day by Tooko Miyagi

  1. Phya

    Side Story to Il Gatto Sul G
    It’s hard to say if you need to have read the previous series to enjoy this. Fans will be happy to see a ‘what happened after’ at the begining which to those new, will be left confused. Most side stores have other characters not appear at all where this is the opposite. I think you will enjoy it much more after reading the main series.
    Back to the main show, it is a weird tug of war between former lovers who reunite by accident and need to overcome thier misunderstandings.
    I tore myself up if I should give this a trigger warning for dubious consent, but due to thier deep, previous relationship I thought against it but others may have issues.
    Lots of smut as we are dealing with characters of experience so they go in the deep end pretty quick. But seeing them dressed up in thier formal, classical attire is a complete 180 and I guess I’m weak to. Is a title I regularly re-read but may be author bias.

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