Faded Picture Scroll by Fujitobi

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Years ago, Izumo saved a child named Ryuta from a youkai. After promising to return and adventure with him in the future, Izumo leaves Ryuta and forgets about his promise. By chance, Ryuta meets Izumo again. Over the years, Ryuta never forgot about Izumo and trained hard to prepare for their adventures. Izumo claims to have no memory of his promise or Ryuta, but that doesn’t stop Ryuta from embarking on a journey with Izumo!

Japanese Titleあわいろ絵巻
Japanese Title (Romaji)Awairo Emaki
Japanese PublisherHome-Sha Inc.
English Publisherfutekiya

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3 reviews for Faded Picture Scroll by Fujitobi

  1. Chris

    A cute supernatural-themed BL with an appealing retro art style and a shonen feel? Yes, please! Stoic yet caring Izumo and cute, enthusiastic Ryuta make a fun duo, and the supernatural mystery element was very interesting and well presented. It had a nostalgic feel, and a sweet ending. I would happily have read more volumes of their adventures! Someone please let Fujitobi write a multi-volume BL battle-shonen!

  2. Syazarin

    A cute and adventurous bl manga!! I really this mangaka works and im really happy to read this bc its really good. I would happily read if theres more volume of this series.

  3. ローラ (Laura)

    Cute and fluffy! I really liked this one, the characters and story were well fleshed out and the art is great.

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