God is Probably Left-Handed by Mushiba

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Determined to pay off his father’s debts, Yano works to create counterfeit money for the yakuza. Though he is really good, Yano can’t quite make his “artificial” money perfect. That is, until he has Makura, a man skilled at art and creating counterfeits, thrust onto him by the yakuza. Given permission to use him anyway he wants…how will Yano use his human copy machine?

Japanese Title神様はたぶん左利き
Japanese Title (Romaji)Kamisama Wa Tabun Hidari-kiki
Japanese PublisherHome-Sha Inc.
English Publisherfutekiya

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3 reviews for God is Probably Left-Handed by Mushiba

  1. Chris

    A very unusual concept and pleasing execution! This one could easily be a film or a short story in a literary journal: it’s the story of a perfectionist heir to a counterfeiting operation and an artistic prodigy who creates the perfect counterfeit money possible. Over the course of a single volume, it manages to seamlessly blend their love story with an intriguing tale about a part of the criminal underworld that never gets explored in your standard yakuza BL. It was utterly fascinating, and I really fell for the characters. My only problem with this one is how short it was.

  2. Pachi

    Oh, I loved everything about this manga. The art, the characters, the plot, everything. I love how BL always surprises me when I least expect it, this time with a manga about money counterfeiters. The protagonist was probably one of my favorites of recent times, he’s totally in love with the questionable activity he does and that says everything he thinks. The other manga by the same author, Heaven in the HELL, is also a lot of fun, but I would say that God Is Probably Left Handed is more satisfying and remarkable.

  3. Paul

    It was a pretty daring work for Mushiba, assuming this is sensei’s debut. Yakuza has been a staple BL genre but Mushiba was able to write it differently as if it’s new (and the genre’s their own!) Speaks much of sensei’s skills as it spills to other works like Heaven in the Hell.

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