Midday Moon by Yayohi Monzen

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Amano is a human who works at a small, strange inn on the edge of civilization that serves as a refuge for the Others—immortal visitors from the everlasting world, which exists parallel to the transient world of mankind. When Tsukuyomi, the king of the world of the deathless, pays a visit to the inn, it’s up to Amano to tend to his every need. But to his shock, the haughty, beautiful king is the spitting image of his old childhood friend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances long ago! Tsukuyomi’s world may be far, far removed from Amano’s own…but in a moment of passion, Amano vows to always stay by the king’s side.
With over 40 new pages of additional content, this book includes the definitive version of The King of the Full Moon. It also features 31 new pages of The Colors of Zhen, another sensual Yayohi Monzen work!

CreatorYayohi Monzen
Japanese Title極夜
Japanese Title (Romaji)Kyokuya
Japanese PublisherPRINTEMPS Publishing
English PublisherMediado

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1 review for Midday Moon by Yayohi Monzen

  1. midgeyu

    I’m always a bit leery of single volume fantasy BL, simply because of how difficult it is to execute a compelling fantasy premise AND a rewarding romance in just one volume. However, Midday Moon proved my expectations wrong.

    I won’t say much about the story because the official summary tells enough and I don’t want to spoil the rest. But as somehow who is very into “amnesia” concepts, loyalty kink, and angst, this BL was very up my alley. I’ll also say that if you like xxxHolic, you may find similarities here that you enjoy.

    The art is lovely, the story is unique and emotional, and it wraps up to a satisfying end in just one volume. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a fresh BL concept! I recommend reading this one after Zhenniao since the side stories at the end won’t make much sense without reading Zhenniao first. However, no knowledge of Zhenniao is necessary to enjoy the main story.

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