Yamada and The Boy by Ori Mita

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On Christmas night, on his way home from work, Yamada (age 26) picked up the drunk and crying high schooler Chihiro – a boy worried about his attraction to those of the same sex… A straight working man, and a gay high school student. In this long-awaited work from artist Ori Mito, a spontaneous meeting between two people blooms into a romance that transcends gender.

This series has been published in Japan since 2013 which Japanese title name is “Yamada to Shounen”

CreatorOri Mita
Japanese Title山田と少年
Japanese Title (Romaji)Yamada to Shounen
Japanese PublisherPRINTEMPS Publishing
English PublisherMediado

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1 review for Yamada and The Boy by Ori Mita

  1. midgeyu

    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Judging by the simple summary, I wasn’t expecting much emotional depth. But the story was really heartfelt (and heartwarming). Chihiro’s concerns about what being attracted to men meant for himself — as well as Yamada’s own hesitation when he recognized his feelings — gave the story a realistic touch that’s often missing in BL.

    The age gap portrayed may turn some readers away, but there’s no sense that Yamada is a predator or that Chihiro is in danger of being abused. I do have to wonder what exactly it is that Yamada likes about Chihiro, but that’s more an issue with the story than the age gap.

    Which brings me to my one quibble with this manga: it’s easy to understand why Chihiro falls for Yamada since he “saves” him during a low point. However, despite the story being from Yamada’s POV, I was never completely sold on him falling for Chihiro. It felt more like his feelings developed out of the convenience of Chihiro being around and interested in him? Which I suppose is typical of many real life relationships, but it’s not super compelling to read in a romance.

    Still, I recommend this one if you like sweet, simple romances but are tired of the typical high school love story. You should also check out the author’s other work in English “Our Dining Table” (also super sweet and heartfelt).

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