Perfect Fit by Thanat

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Mashimo is a senior in university, wondering whether he should apply to the school’s graduate program. Intending to collect papers to aid him in the decision, he goes to his professor’s office only to find a new face greeting him at the door. Mashimo later finds out that the strange man he met in the office earlier is Yuuto Tanaka, a first-year star graduate student from another university. Mashimo quickly realizes that the personality he sees when he sees Tanaka is not the same personality that everybody else sees. But one night, as Mashimo stumbles home and wanders into an unknown street, he runs into – is that Tanaka?!

Japanese TitlePerfect Fit
Japanese Title (Romaji)Perfect Fit
Japanese PublisherShodensha
English Publisherfutekiya

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2 reviews for Perfect Fit by Thanat

  1. guety

    Thanat sensei has a way of writing characters that feel very real, and I think that really showed in this manga. While reading it, I didn’t feel like “aw, this is so romantic, I want them to be together forever” but rather it felt like this kind of story is something that could happen to any couple. It felt quite real and both characters are well fleshed out and quite flawed, and I enjoyed reading about them a lot. While it’s not the first BL I read in which one of the characters has a disability, it’s still uncommon enough that it caught my attention, and I think the way it was handled in the story and how it affects Tanaka was pretty good.
    However I think the smut scenes, particularly at first, might make some people uncomfortable since there’s a degree of dubious consent because the seme is very assertive and the uke has a strong case of “i’m saying no but actually yes please”, so if that’s something that bothers you, proceed with care.

  2. MovingCastleofYaoi

    This is one of those uncommon stories in BL with really different characters and situations compared to most. It was more realism than the other Thanat stories I think and Tanaka as a character by himself really really intrigued me. He’s a character I would even be interested in reading about outside of a BL setting just because he has a lot of personality.
    The other reviewer mentioned that there is dub consent and that might be one of the major draw backs for some readers. If you’re okay with it though, I think this is one to read.

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