Reset by Asahi Shima

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After half a year, Izumi Morita forgot about the man who he dumped in a horrible manner, and spent half a year searching for a new love. Then, his old lover Tomoya Shinguuji appears before him. However, due to an accident, Tomoya’s lost all memory of Izumi. Tomoya’s previous gentle personality has been completely changed, and he’s now a haughty, arrogant man. He kidnaps Izumi, then binds him up and tries to force himself on him. Tomoya… I never knew you were such a sadist! Izumi resists Tomoya, but he can’t forget the old Tomoya, and his heart wavers… Hard love swirling with lust!


CreatorAsahi Shima
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Reset
Japanese PublisherTAIYOH TOSHO
English PublisherDigital Manga

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1 review for Reset by Asahi Shima

  1. jess

    For what it is, Reset is not terrible. But what it is is basically the quintessential 90s bl in everything from art to characterization to storyline, so if you don’t like yaoi hands or deeply questionable consent, you aren’t gonna like this. The art is also weirdly full of motion lines that sometimes make movement-heavy scenes difficult to follow. This title has its appeal for fans of particular older tropes, but there’s better out there.

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