Sleeping Bug by Atsuki Kyoyama

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Uruno started as an intern in a programming company where the person he’s interested in, his senior, Hongo, works at. While Uruno is skeptical about love matters, he finds himself drawn to Hongo every time he spends with him. All in all, Uruno was fine with the way things are. But when Hongo transfers out, Uruno is left hollow and indifferent. When news of Hongo’s company being booted out reaches Uruno, he is persistent in finding Hongo. He succeeds in finding Hongo, now jobless and homeless, with only his drones for company. Desperate to keep Hongo by his side, Uruno offers to buy Hongo for $50,000.


Atsuki Kyoyama

Japanese Title眠れるバグは起こさない
Japanese Title (Romaji)Nemureru Bug wa Okosanai
Japanese PublisherShodensha
English Publisherfutekiya

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1 review for Sleeping Bug by Atsuki Kyoyama

  1. Phya

    I never thought I would be reading a BL manga staring two big fat nerds but here we are and I’m all for it. They arn’t the cool, rich type you see normally in media either, but more general ones who enjoy computers, want to play with tech and introverts who just want to be left alone.
    To say this is a slow burn is a big understatement as its set over the period of at least 6-8 years. The relationship itself is just as slow, following a friends to lovers plot at a snails pace. Normally there is a sudden ‘I love you’ confession and then all that pent up desire comes flowing out like a tidal wave, but even when they become lovers, they both take it slow, easing themselves into a full sexual relationship. The creator speaks in the extras about relationships being a slow process of people blending together over time and this really does nail that perfectly.
    The art style stands out as it looks almost sketched. It’s really distinctive but could also be a big turn off for some. I think it fits well though, complimenting the plainess of the characters themselves. When I say plain though its not in a bland way, but more like they are just normal people.
    I think this is a title where you personal preferences in characters and what you expect from BL will play a major factor in if you like this or not. For me, it ticked my boxes.

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