There’s Fanfiction About Us? by Tsubame Koshiora

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It’s the fifth anniversary of Rui Tachibana starting his career as a pop star. The girls love his younger bandmate, Hibiki Shinjo, because he’s a man of few words and is very aloof, but he normally delights in bugging Rui. Their manager thinks it’s sweet, like Hibiki’s a little kid… Since Hibiki has a hard time getting up in the mornings, he sleeps over at Rui’s one night before an early photoshoot. While Rui is taking a bath, Hibiki does an internet search for their names… even though they’ve been warned against doing just that. They find a very suspicious-looking, password-protected website, and they can’t believe what they see!! In these fan-created manga, the two of them get up to such naughty things…! Rui’s imagination starts running wild, and Hibiki makes a suggestion…


CreatorTsubame Koshiora
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Oretachi Namamono desu
Japanese PublisherBrite Publishing
English PublisherRenta

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1 review for There’s Fanfiction About Us? by Tsubame Koshiora

  1. midgeyu

    I usually hesitate to review in-progress series since I like to have the full picture, but this is a pretty solid 4/5 for me.

    If you’re interested in idols you’ll likely find this intriguing (though depending on how much you know about the industry, you may find it hard to suspend your disbelief at part lmao.) While I do like idol groups (SHINee!), I actually started reading this series because I appreciate meta narratives concerning celebrities being aware of their impact on fandom. While this series does speak to that some, it’s definitely more focused on the idols’ interior, private lives.

    OK, getting to the point, I was initially put off by how quickly the action started — and how much action there was early on. This may not be an issue for some readers, but I have a hard time appreciating sex scenes when I don’t feel I know the characters well — especially when those character are said to have so much history together.

    However, once the action slowed down a bit and the series started spending more time on the characters, I began to enjoy it a lot more. Vague spoiler territory, but I finally became “sold” on the story and it’s characters when we learned about the idol group’s formation and its members motives for entering the industry.

    Overall, the series has been improving with each chapter in my opinion, so I’d encourage you to give it a bit of time if you’re not initially hooked. The art is well done, and it’s got a good balance of humor and drama. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. It’s nothing revolutionary, but if you’re intrigued by the premise, I think you won’t be disappointed. Even if you’re not into idols or fandom, it’s still a pretty enjoyable “workplace romance” story.

    As an aside, if you like the idea of boy band members hooking up, I’d suggest checking out Catch My Breath by M.J. O’Shea. It’s a M/M romance novel that’s loosely based off of One Direction (no 1D knowledge necessary) that I would rate 5/5. Unfortunately, following the Dreamspinner Press drama, it seems the author has pulled it from the publisher and as far as I can tell they haven’t rereleased it yet. However, the audiobook version is still readily available if you use Audible.

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