ComicVket 1 Guide for Boys Love Fans

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Even though COVID-19 has shuttered most doujin events in Japan, HIKKY Inc. is bringing what could be the Comiket spirit this summer with ComicVket 1. From from August 13, 2020 to August 16, 2020, fans can “go around the booths, buy (dojinshi) books, and socialize with participants.”

What is ComicVKet?

ComicVket is virtual comic convention/doujin exhibition. Fans can attend ComicVket for free via their computer, smartphone, and VR connected devises.

The official website and Twitter for the convention lists how people can attend:

To join ComicVket, you need to use service called “VR platform”. You can choose either “VRChat”, “cluster”. or “STYLY” for this time. You can only access to the venue world during the event period so please prepare for your account on the platform of your choice.

Can BL fans find anything at this event?

You can check out the full list of exhibitors and circles attending on the ComicVket 1 website:

Below are a shortlist of BL related creators and booths.

Doujin Artists

pomcoro: Space No. M-7

  • Original BL/yaoi illustrations (more can be found in this artist’s Pixiv)

Mukudori’s Garage: Space No. N-3

  • This group will be release “Exciting everyday life with my darling (宇宙人にも似た君との不可思議な日常)” as a free download

Company Booths


  • Official website for the doujinshi (and more) store

DLsite: Space Z-6

  • The online doujinshi and comic marketplace

Kbooks: Space Z-11

  • The online store for the used doujinshi/goods/comic store


Official Link (available in English and Japanese):

Official Twitter:

The hashtag #ComicVket_EN on Twitter will also have information about the event in English.

Event period

Did you find amazing artists or more at ComicVket? Let us know in the comments and how the event went!

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