How to use Ouendan BLue?

Before we go over how to use Ouendan BLue, what is Ouendan BLue?

What is Ouendan BLue?

Ouendan BLue is a growing online database and community centered around legally licensed and published BL manga. You can learn more about the people who are behind Ouendan BLue by reading our About.

Ouendan BLue has two core components: the Boys’ Love Database and communities.

The Boys’ Love Database

The Boys’ Love Database is a searchable database of officially published BL manga (and more in the future). It is slowly growing and a passion project by BL fans.

You don’t need to register for an account to access the database.

When using our database, you can search for a specific tag (or search for BL that have more than one tag). We are currently working on adding more tags and making our filter work better.

You can also search via keyword and rating (reviews).

When you click on a particular image/manga, you can see information about the manga. Each entry contains the title, author, summary, Japanese title, publisher information, and links to where you can read the title.

On each manga entry, you can leave reviews and start, leave a comment, and start a discussion!

If you register an account on Ouendan BLue, you can also leave a review.


The next component to Ouendan BLue is Communities, which is comprised of groups.

On Ouendanl BLue, you can your create own BL profile, a “My List” of BL from our database, and groups where you can talk to other fans.

We are still developing!

In the future, we would love to add more features! It might take a little bit of time since this is a passion project. If it can be helpful to BL fans, we would be very happy!

2 thoughts on “How to use Ouendan BLue?”

  1. Really great job on launching this! Always wanted a English version of chil chil.

    Feedback :
    Please make a “read” list to help organize what the reader has read already.

    1. Hello! Thank you! Regarding the “read” list, it may take us some time to create a read list since all our volunteers are working full-time still (and more unfortunately…) and are prioritizing adding more entries when they can… 🙇🏻‍♀️We are really really sorry about this! Right now we have a “My List,” which we hope can fill in for it while we working in it. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

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