November 2020 BL Manga Releases in Japan

Notice Regarding the BL Manga Release Calendar

This experiment aims to create a better way for readers outside Japan to learn about new BL manga outside of scanlations.

Right now, a lot of BL fan culture is centered and rooted in scanlations and illegal uploads. Ouendan Blue will create more information accessible to English reading fans on what manga is coming out and where to access this manga legally.

All of the titles included here are in Japanese, and the links are to online stores based in Japan, where you can order and purchase the manga.

Information for this database is from BookliveRakuten and Chil Chil. The Ouendan Team will be updating this database as the month goes on. Please note that there may be some incorrect information since dates and titles may change.

BL Manga November 2020 Gallery View

BL Manga November 2020 Calendar View

2 thoughts on “November 2020 BL Manga Releases in Japan”

  1. Thank you for doing the god’s work!

    It’s kind of hard to find this type of information just because of the volume alone. That are so many BL being released in so many formats it’s easy to get lost >_<

    1. I’m so happy this can be helpful! There still some titles that need to be added and it should be more complete later this week.

      I wasn’t sure if anyone would find this information useful, and even now it probably needs some work. If the format is hard to use please let me know and I can try to see if I can improve it next month.

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