Quick and Dirty List of Where to Read BL

This list will be updated! Suggestions welcome. Last Updated 4/21/2020

10 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty List of Where to Read BL”

  1. Disclaimer that I haven’t used these much/at all at this point, and while the database is *manga* focused…

    (Manga) Yaoi Cat is a new subscription service trying to get off the ground, both exclusively localized and licensed to distribute titles. https://yaoi.cat/
    (Manhwa/some manga/other) Tapas has a BL category (carries both localized [both Tapas localized and licensed to distribute] and original content) https://tapas.io/comics?g=22
    (Manhua) WeComics has a BL section (including the comic adaptation of The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) https://m.wecomics.com/

      1. Yeah, it’s subscription, too, 4.99 a month, but unlike futekiya, right now the majority of its titles are MediaDo licensed things, and there’s community involvement in translating stuff they get the rights to…? (Not entirely like Rakuten Viki, but not entirely unlike perhaps…?) I’m not entirely clear on the process, but @sarerunet’s working with them to translate some manga and their twitter is @YaoiCatBL, if you want to connect with people for info.

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