A Real Fortune-telling Disaster by Ayako Muro

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Real Zama’s first and last love ended because a fortune teller said there was zero compatibility. A few years later, Real has become that very thing: a fortune teller. But, rather than taking advantage of poor wandering souls for their fat wallets, Real tells it like it is and has earned the reputation of being a harsh fortune teller.

One day, when a sickly looking Shoujirou Futami walks in and explains how another fortune teller had told him to drink a suspicious bottled substance called “Vital Hydrogen Water,” Real advises he go to the police and to stop drinking the mystery liquid before it’s too late.

A month later, the transformed Shoujirou appears in front of Real to repay him for his help. Although his naivety and lack of awareness anger Real, he may be the only person to lean on when Real is in trouble!

CreatorAyako Muro
Japanese Titleりあるな占い大災難
Japanese Title (Romaji)Riaru na uranai daisainan
Japanese PublisherHOME-sha
English Publisherfutekiya

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2 reviews for A Real Fortune-telling Disaster by Ayako Muro

  1. BlackBelle

    This was ADORABLE. It starts out with Real being asked to give a fortune to a man who looks like he’s about to keel over. Turns out Shoujirou was being scammed by another fortune teller who was poisoning him and others. Once he recovers he follows Real around like a lost puppy confessing his undying love. Opportunity strikes when Real has a bit of bad luck and he ends up staying at Shoujirou’s place for a couple nights.

    All in all I thought their interactions were cute and funny. Real, albeit a fortune teller, is down to earth and honest with people and his predictions, while Shoujirou is very much the opposite: flighty, emotional and quite pushy. They made a cute pair of friends that (maybe too quickly) moved to lovers.

    This was very much a fluff piece. I liked it quite a lot.

  2. guety

    Aww this manga was really cute! The premise is quite unique, both characters are interesting and the romance is cute. It’s also really funny at times, but the characters and story have enough depth to get invested on it. A good read when you want something cute and uncomplicated.

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