Boring Ninomiya by Mitsunaga Hirama

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Ninomiya is a cram-school teacher. All his relationships end with his partners criticizing him for being too boring. After one of his break-ups, self-hating Ninomiya meets the handsome and charming Sada. Thinking that he’s nothing more than a one-night stand, Ninomiya agrees to go home with him. However… Flirtatious Sada and boring Ninomiya; gloomy-looking Takama and lively Senba… Handsome guys and their plain-looking crushes come together in the series: “Because I’m Your Senior!”.


CreatorMitsunaga Hirama
Japanese Title
Japanese Title (Romaji)Tsumaranai Ninomiya-San
English PublisherRenta

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1 review for Boring Ninomiya by Mitsunaga Hirama

  1. midgeyu

    “Boring Ninomiya” is actually the second story in this collection. The first story is a similar premise — a plain guy and a more flashy guy — following the tale of two convenience store coworkers. I didn’t check the page count, but I think this first story was longer than the Ninomiya one. The flashy guy’s ex is Ninomiya’s partner in the second store, so they are connected loosely and all four characters meet.

    The third story, however, is completely unrelated to the others and indeed the overall premise of the collection. It’s an odd fantasy tale about a world where people evolved from cats rather than primates. However, when conditions are right, some of the cat folk can see the regular human world. A cat boy and a human boy who are both bullied at school meet between dimensions and fall in love.

    None of the stories particularly stood out. All of them potentially could’ve been an entire volume on their own, and I think they would’ve been better for it. As it is, I felt like I didn’t really get to know any of the characters, nor did I have a chance to connect with them or invest in their relationship.

    I read this on Book Walker and noticed a lot of issues with the translations. I’m not sure if it’s the same translation on other platforms.

    In short, there’s potential here, but I found it to be unrealized potential.

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